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With an objective to provide paintball enthusiast a ground to win the tournament, Rockshot Paintball Sports continues to exceed expectations by its leadership in creation and technology of paintball games. We have raised the bar for paintball industry

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Adrenaline Sports Paintball League announced the launch of India’s first paintball league and tournament in January 2010. It was four months tournament in which over 50 teams were participating to show their battling skills with the Paintball.

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Paintball is the sport which is played both at commercial venues and private land. Fields can be scattered with either natural or artificial terrain but at times can also be themed to kindle a particular environment like historical context or wooded area.

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Paintball is one of the most popular games in which people compete with each other, in team or individually, to eliminate the opponents by tagging them with the paintballs. Paintballs are like capsules filled with water soluble dye with gelatin shell outside. The balls are propelled using a special device called the paintball marker or most commonly called the paintball gun.

People often associate health hazards with the paintball games but the fact is that paintball is composed of non-toxic, water soluble and bio-degradable polymer. The game is played at the sporting level with organized competitions which also involves worldwide leagues, tournaments and professional players and teams participate to register a win. The game needs very hard floors in indoor fields or outdoor fields of varying sizes.

Our main aim is to provide fields and necessary space to the players with the goal to win the game. We are continuously progressive in our area of specialization and hold immense knowledge about the paintball games and tournaments. We have built knowledge of what makes an exhilarating day paintballing and also understand what it needs to manage the clients. Our venues are owner managed and offer different game zones to provide you with a totally different but an action packed day out.

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